Date Posted
21st Jan 2020

Gift a Book Scheme Report

Christmas Gift-a-Book Scheme;

Through the support of our members and friends we have gifted ‘wrapped parcels of books’ to the Salvation Army South Auckland Community Ministries for distribution to families.

These books are for children aged 1mth to 12 years.

 In December 2016 we gave 100 parcels, in December 2017 we gave 115 parcels and in 2018 we gave 100 parcels plus 40 books for use by Social Workers***

*** These books will be given to children whilst parents in meetings and can then retain.

Each Parcel is sold at $10-00.

This year we sold 138 parcels = $1380-00 collected.

Our ‘buying contact’ is very beneficial and this year we have been able to;

  • Buy, pack & wrap 163 individual parcels of 2 books
  • Provide over 70 books for use by the Social Workers.

Our cost for books, wrapping paper and cellotape are $1,206-73 EXCLUDING GST.

Toys for Kids;

As an extension of our scheme this year we were able to deliver 41 knitted toys from our Irish Club Knitting Group for distribution along with the Book Parcels.