Date Posted
26th Sep 2019

Up coming events

Friday 27th September - Open Mic Night & Cards.  A wonderful night of free entertainment from the youn upcoming stars of our community.

Sunday 29th September - Club Sunday - Total Wellness

Starting at 2pm, we will have a first aid demonstration, and familiarisation with Defib equipment.  It's important we all know these basics for when the urgent need arises.

Next up will be an Advanced Care Planning session.  This is about 'getting your ducks in a row' healthwise and legally.  There are information packs available on the day, so you can take these home and work out your own plan.  This is for all ages, not just our seniors, as health is a matter for all of us.

Finally we will have an information session on wills and trusts/asset planning.  Although none of us want to think about these things, they are important, nevertheless.  

There have been a number of law changes/amendments in recent times, which means it is a good idea to review your will, or make one if you haven't already done so.  If you die without a will, it creates untold extra misery for your survivors, so it's important to keep it up-to-date.  There will be an opportunity to get advice on making wills, as well as advice on what amendments you might want to consider to existing wills, to meet new legislative changes.  You can also talk to the solicitors present about asset planning, or setting up a trust.

To keep the children entertained, there will be a visit by a Police Officer who will talk about how to keep yourself safe.  There may even be an opportunity to sit in the Police car, try out the lights and siren!

Afterwards we will be selling healthy wraps for $5 (also hot chips, hotdogs, etc for those who are not keen on the healthy option!)  If you are likely to want to eat with us, can you please text or email me, to assist with numbers for catering.  

 Hopefully we will see a good turnout for these events.